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The Maui Massacre another Pearl Harbor. Where are the 2000 Missing Children?

The Urgent Call to Confront Child Sex Trafficking Head-On and Raise Public Awareness To This Epidemic

Family, Faith, and Forbidden Alliances: The Untold Stories of Mormon Church Members' Hidden Connections

Goel brings more to the fore about the Utah County SRA case. Pleads for Members To Stop Allowing Church Leaders to Protect Sexual Predators

Cathy O'brien - Born into a SRA family and sold by her Father to be trafficked. Cathy Became a Whistleblower in 1995 and testified to congress.

Marie Scodari - EESystems & Plasma Bed Are Changing Lives

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43-Year-Old Black Man Drowns Off Obama’s Martha Vineyard Home, Obama’s Chef!

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David Norman Points to LDS Church Apostles' Involvement in MkUltra, SRA and Ritual Sacrifice!

Human Trafficking Survivor Amanda Blackwood’s Story Will Open Your Eyes!

Doctors Told Her After Her Brain Injury This Was Her New Normal, Until She Found ASEA!!

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Understanding The Mormon Church's Involvement in Satanic Ritual Abuse

Michael Jaco's Podcast - Rapper Azma Holiday Reveals The Music Industries Intentional Destruction of Black Communities

The System known as The illuminati Appears To Have The LDS Church Involved In Nefarious Things Just Like They Do The Vatican!

The Masonic Oath Was Read Back in 2009 Telling Us What They Would Do!

Mormon Mafia Part of Deep State - Dallin H. Oaks ties to The illuminati, Cabal. (From Jon Bystrom's YT Channel)

Demonic Portals Seen Above White House During Clinton Administration

SG Anon - Josh Reid and Mel Carmine Cover Nesara, Tribunals & What’s Next

The LDS (Mormon) Church Supports United Nations, Agenda 2030 and Their Satanic Agenda

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Juan O'Savin - David Sumrall & Others Tell The Real Story Behind Jan. 6th. Documentary Bloody Hill

SCOTUS: Gun Laws Addressed As The Elites Come After Our 2nd Amendment

They Believe They Have To Tell Us What They’re Going To Do First, So Karma Won't Come Back on Them.

FBI Swat Raids Military Veteran, Decorated CA Police & Swat Officer Over Politics

The Cabal Has Traded Your Birth Certificate - Lewis Herm's Screw Big Gov show with Miki Klann

New Declaration of Independence Signed July 4, 2020 of The 19th Republic

Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay Spitting Truth

Supreme Court Addressed Gun Laws While The Elites Try To Come After American's Guns

The Tell Us What They Are Going To Do Before They Do It. It's Time To Wake Up America!!

The Private Document Leaked By SCOTUS Was No Accident

It's Time More Americans Take Their Head Out of The Sand and Get Involved To Save America

Biden IS NOT Biden - Actors and DC is a Ghost Town

Klaus Schwab Is Leading The Charge to Change Who You Are. The Elites Think We're Just Worthless Eaters Who Will Own Nothing and Be Happy!

David Straight - Attorney's Practice Maritime Law and Have No Idea. Most Have No Clue What The BAR Stands For

Veteran Patrick Bergy: Operation Shadow Gate & The American Awakening

The Mormon Mafia exposed by Jon Bystrom

The Covid Jab is More Dangerous Than Advertised. It's Truly a Bio-Weapon

Have They Poisoned Us Through The Water? C-19 Never Isolated So What Can You Test For?

If Biden Is President Why is Special Prosecutor Still Allowed To Do His Investigation? Why Hasn't Biden Shut Down Gitmo?

Trump was Right Again and Killary & DNC fined for Steele Dossier

NWO Had Their Plan For Over 40 Years To Create One World Government and To Get Rid of All But 500,000,000 Useless Eaters!

Obama Not a US Citizen. Trump The Chosen One To Lead The Take Down of The Cabal

Killary and Hussein Have Covid, Does That Mean...


Patrick Bergy - Whistleblower & Military Psyop Expert

Ronald Reagan Told Us How Bad Things Were in 1964

Joey Gilbert - When They Came After Our Kids, he drew a line in the sand

The Information & Psychological War Has Been Waged Against Us For Years

Rick Rene - Find Peace In Troubled Times Through Your Relationship With God

Where's The Media? 100K Fentanyl Overdoses The Past 12 mo. and No One Is Talking About it

David Rodriguez Tells His Story of Alcoholism, Drug Use and Knocking on The Door of Death

We've Been Indoctrinated To Accept Being Mediocre.

Demolision Inside The White House?

Australia's Bosi Tells The Shocking Truth

It's No Surprise Who's Attacking Joe Rogan

Was it Homicide of Brian Sicknik on Jan 6, 2021?

Psychosis Is Real and Too Many America's Are Still Under The Spell

Ballot Harvesting in GA Exposed and We Have a 40% Increase in Deaths Due To The Jab

If Science Can’t Be Questioned, It’s Propaganda!!

Obama and HRC Ordered Seal Team 6 To Be Shot Down!

Corruption in The Military & Psychological Warfare is A Very Strong Weapon

Dr. David Martin Exposing The Coup D’Etat & Plot to Steal America

Pedophilia & Satanic Ritual Abuse By Elites

Dr. Kirk Elliott, I wouldn’t touch the stock market right now

David Sumrall with Stop Hate. We All Need To Pray.

Wake Up & Stop Being So Self Righteous!

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Was Trump on Epstein’s Plane - Maxwell Trial Underway

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Is Ex Navy Seal, Kyle Rittenhouse Handler

John Walsh With America's Most Wanted Daughter Exposes Her Father!

Our Elected Officials Don't Give a Damn About Us!

Fly Over Conservatives Patriot Protocols, God and Country

Reverend Spills the Beans on New World Order

Church Leaders Encourage Bio-Weapon & Follow Satan

PROOF: Kids Would Die Pfizer Knew. It's a Bio-Weapon Nothing else!

Crimes Against Humanity, Fauci Covid 19 Dossier by Dr. David Martin, World War III

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Jason Frank's Fight Through Addiction & Prison to Serving and Loving Others.

Jeremy Slayden: Former Pro Baseball, Porn Addict, Finds Peace From Facing Truth

Covid 19 Has NEVER Been Isolated. How Can You Test For Something You Can't Isolate?

What Will It Take To Save Our Freedoms & Unite?


Invasion at the Border. Time for Patriots to Stand Up!

Dr. Stella - A True Warrior in the Kingdom of God Tells The Truth & Gets Censored

Do you know who Fauci is?

22 Year Old Fiery Red Head Is On The Front Lines With Other Digital Soldiers

A Father's Heart & Diet Help His 5 year Old Son Beat Cancer

Luciferase and "Organisms" Are in The "Vax"?

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